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"A Functional Virtual Reality" in the FQXi contest was included in the 35 top papers sent to peer review

Laws of Motion Based on Power  Updated version of the 2005 paper.

Power as the Cause of Motion and a New Foundation of Classical Mechanics A paper published in the 2005 annual issue of Progress in Physics

Newton's Second Law: From the Original to the Modern  Expression (in Greek) A paper that corrects a false claim made about Newton's second law of motion that appeared in a publication of the Association of Greek Physicists.


Miscellaneous articles

How Norton and Roberts Tried to Fix a 350 Year-Old Blunder with a New Blunder

Is Fitch's Paradox of Knowability just a Scholastic Argument?

There are no Limits of Reason  A rebuttal of G. J. Chattin's arguments that there are limits of reason.  Click here for a pdf download of the article.

Fear of Freedom and the Monty Hall Problem A paper discussing the implications of the Monty Hall Problem

The Dyson Numbers Puzzle From the TierneyLab   For a solution click here


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"The apeiron, is a different substance, a limitless one, from which the heavens and the world emerged and came into being."

Anaximander of Miletus (656-610 BC)